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Contest rules Real ForexCent Prince

1. To participate in competition you should open competition account in the client's cabinet
[Contests] => [Register in contest] and choose competition Prince ForexCent.

2. Trading rules on the contest account Week Trend:
2.1. Real Weekly Contest is participated on the UnitedForex-Real Server with MetaTrader4
2.2. Initial deposit – 5USD (500 cents) Funded by participant
2.3. Account can be deposited or refunded during contest.
2.4. Trading leverage - 1:100
2.5. Maximal order's lot - 0.5
2.6. Maximum simultaneously opened orders, including pending orders - 10

2.7. Maximum summary opened lot - 0.5

3. Competition, begin and end :

3.1. Competition begin at first day of the week.

3.2. Competition end at last day of week.

4. Registration begins one week before each stage of competition at 01:00 a.m. and ends with competition, so it is possible to register during contest

5. Only one user's account may participate at each stage of Prince ForexCent competition. In case of dishonest this rule – all participant's contest accounts will be disqualified.

6. During competition you can use help of automatic advisers of trade terminal and scripts.

7. Participant's rating is calculated based on the maximum value of Balance (closed trades)

8. At the end of each contest, all participant's market orders will be closed by current market price, pending orders will be deleted.

9. For the total rating calculations, orders which last less than 3 minutes or have less than 10 points of profit will not be accounted. Orders with loss will be accounted in full amount despite of their loss or duration.

10. The Company has a right to change or amend competition rules. Changes will be applicable only since new stage of competition.

11. Participant may be disqualified due to the following reasons:
11.1 If he opened more than one competition account;
11.2 If he registered using false personal data or contacts.

12. Winners identification:
12.1. The Winners is the participants who won first three places on value of Balance (closed trades);
12.2. Contest prizes:
12.2.1. The prize for first place in the Prince ForexCent contest is 200$ granted on the any winner's trading account and can be withdrawn immediately.
12.2.2. The prize for second place in the Prince ForexCent contest is micro trading account with 50$ (5.000 cents) credit on deposit.
12.2.3 The prize for third place in the Prince ForexCent contest is micro trading account with 20$ (2 000 cents) credit on deposit.
12.3. The Winners can participate in further stages of competition, however new prizes will not be available for them, only after current prize time will expire;
12.4. The Company has a right to ask a copy of your passport for competition account opening.

13. Trading rules of Prize accounts:
13.1. Trading leverage is 1:100
13.2. Maximal order's lot is 1.0
13.3. Maximal simultaneously opened orders number is 10, including pending orders.
13.4. The prize account is activated on the second trading week's Monday at 1:00 a.m after contest ends.
13.5. The prize account will be active from the activation moment for one trading week. At the end of the trading week all open orders will be closed using last terminal price and all pending orders will be deleted. Profit from the prize account will be transferred to any other trading account of the contest winner, and the prize account will be suspended.

14. The winners can participate next competition only after 30 days from the end of the won competition.

15. All claims concerning competition results should be submitted during 3 working days after the end of competition stage. Access to competition accounts will be available for one week after the end of competition.