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Android Terminal

Date: 07.03.2012 14:24

Dear ForexCent Customers!

We are pleased to announce younew Forex trading platform for Android based mobile devices. Using this terminal you can enjoy all the benefits of mobile Forex trading, where ever you are.

Download Forexcent Android Terminal
Google Play

A new trading platform from ForexCentis designed for all tablet PCs and smart phones that are running the Android operating system version 2.1 and above. Represented application makes it possible to perform trading operations from anywhere in the world, through a brokerage company trade server direct connection.

In order to start using all the advantages of Android Forex trading, you will need to install on your mobile phone or tablet PC our new Android trading platform, which is as very easy to install and friendly to use.

A new ForexCent trading terminal for Android OS provides the following benefits:

1. The minimal consumption of network traffic;

2. Ability to work with real, demo and contest accounts;

3. Support for high-resolution screen;

4. The terminal supports a large number of indicators for technical analysis;

5. Providing the full amount of quotations in real time for all trading instruments;

6. The possibility of using market orders and pending orders;

7. Ability to set and modify the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit;

8. Viewing the account status at the current time;

9. Account status tracking and open positions status tracking online;

10. Viewing the trading history;

11. Detailed and clear displaying of financial instruments charts for any timeframe;

12. Security of all ongoing trading operations.

ForexCent trading terminal for Android provides a very intuitive user interface.A trader can easily customize the price chart according to his own preferences. It is easy and fast for the current chart to switch the time interval, you can choose linear, bar or candlestick charts. It is possible to scroll through the schedule, as well as zoom in or zoom out the desired area on the chart.

Android terminal can easily select the desired instrument from the trade list that provides all quotations in real time. It is possible to configure the symbols set in the list (in order to save quotes traffic,symbolsquotes not included in this list will not be sent to the terminal and will not consume internet traffic).

The trader has the ability to view his account status at any time (tab «Account Info») and he can open trading positions at the current time. For each open deal there is the most detailed information displayed with the calculation of all trade indices online.

Trading terminal allows you to view the trading history for a desired period of time. Simply select the «History»tab.

Our Android Trading terminal have built-in ability to switch between desired operating windows, required for the trade at any time.

Download Forexcent Android Terminal
Google Play