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Bonus-500 account can be upgraded now!

Date: 02.07.2010 17:31

If you deposit funds on your Bonus 500 account than leverage and maximum orders number will be raised:
Level 1: deposit 1$ will increase leverage up to 1:20 and maximum orders number to 5, maximum order lot 0.10;
Level 2: deposit 3$ will increase leverage up to 1:50 and maximum orders number to 10, maximum order lot 0.15;
Level 3: deposit 5$ and more will increase leverage up to 1:100 and maximum orders number to 15, maximum order lot 0.20.
For upgrading the Bonus-500 account, you have to deposit some funds and contact our support team by e-mail or on-line chat.
All Bonus-500 accounts can be easily upgraded and the new ones opened.
To activate upgrade all orders on Bonus-500 account must be closed.
If upgrading funds will be withdrawn, all upgrades will be cancelled and Bonus-500 account terms will be standard.
Profit can be withdrawn at any time.