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Contest week 16 ended

Date: 26.10.2010 17:03

Contest week 16 ended

The winners of the demo Daily Contest:
Contest 80: the winner is account 3005080, with a nickname Vova, rewarded by 10$ Prize account.
Contest 81: the winner is account 3005148, with a nickname Barcus, rewarded by 10$ Prize account.
Contest 82: the winner is account 3005185, with a nickname Jan, rewarded by 10$ Prize account.
Contest 83: the winner is account 3005263, with a nickname Mike, rewarded by 10$ Prize account.
Contest 84: the winner is account 3005306, with a nickname Dron, rewarded by 10$ Prize account.

The winners of demo Weekly Contest 15:
1st place: Mark with account 3005020, win the top 50$ Prize account.
2nd place: VovaFX with account 3004793, claim second Prize account with 30$.
3rd place: Kris, account number 3004897, get the last Prize account with 20$ on it.

Results of the Forex Prince 14 weekly contest:
1st place took Vova with his account 3005081, claim the prize withdrawable 200$ on his trading account.
2nd place is participant Manu, account 3005054 and claim 50$ Prize account.
3rd place, participant Homes with account 3005043, get the Prize account with 30$ deposit.

All prizes are granted on 25 October, Prize accounts will be active until 29 October 23:00 (server time).

Best Regards,
ForexCent Team