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New payment system and change of IP address for trading server

Date: 14.12.2012 18:45

New payment system and change of IP address for trading server

Dear Customers

Last Saturday 8 December, we have changed our trading server hardware, now it is time to change our IP address
Our new trading server is attached to old IP address, this Saturday 15 December, we are planing to change IP address to new one: Most of you will not notice this change, because a new IP address is already registered in your trading platform. But in case if you will have login problems please use new IP address in the "Server" field on "Login" screen. Or use this short guide explaining how to login in to trading terminal:

1. Use File->Login button in the upper menu
2. In the Login window input your trading account number in Login field
3. In the Password field, input your trading password from this account (sent by e-mail with account number)
4. Select United Forex Real server in the server field, or input manually:
5. Press Login button

You can also refer to this video guide: http://www.forexcent.com/eng/help/video_mt4_login.html


We are glad to announce a new payment system Skrill, also known as MoneyBookers, is added to our accepted payment system.
Skrill is one of the most popular payment system in the world and count almost 40 million members and now you can deposit and withdraw your funds using Skrill payments system.

If any assistance needed, feel free to contact our support team by e-mail: [email protected]
or online chat >>

Yours sincerely,
ForexCent Team