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New system for Demo account control

Date: 01.11.2011 20:45

New system for Demo account control

Dear customers,

We have changed Demo account opening system. From now Forex Demo account can be opened from Trader's Cabinet on our website only. This improvement will allow customers to add or withdraw demo funds on demo account and manipulate with account leverage from My Accounts menu.
To open new Forex Demo account, you should login in to Trader's Cabinet on website, in the "Add account" menu select Demo account as account type, choose leverage, input your trader's password and push "Add account" button. All account data will be sent to you also by e-mail. After demo account opened, the "Add funds" window will open were you can deposit any amount of demo funds on your demo account.
You can also manipulate with your Demo account in "My accounts" menu, in Demo accounts tab. There you can add or deduce demo funds, or change leverage in account options.

With best wishes,
ForexCent Team