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Web terminal started

Date: 09.10.2011 21:04

Dear clients,

We are glad to introduce you our Web Trading platform. With this platform all customers will be able to access their account and trade through any popular web browser on any operational system even using mobile devices.

To trade with Web terminal, you should login into your Trader's account and click "Web Terminal" in main menu or use direct link for Web Terminal: http://www.forexcent.com/eng/web_trading.html

In web terminal, use "Login to account" button to access your trading account. It is not necessary to be logged in Trader's Cabinet on website for using web terminal.
To open new order use "New Order" button, in new order window select your currency, lot volume order type and open it with Buy or Sell buttons.
In the bottom part of Forex web terminal you will find "Trades" part, with your opened orders if any are. Just click on any your order to close it or to change StopLos/TakeProfit levels. There are also your trading history, log file, account info and indicators in bottom part of web terminal.

We will continue to improve or web based trading platform to make it more suitable for you.

Best Regards,
ForexCent Team