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Forex Bonus on deposit 100% and 50%

In the ForexCent company, you can have 50% or 100% bonus on deposit if you open Bonus-Micro account in the Bonuses menu and deposit it with the necessary sum. The bonus percent depended on the amount of deposit, 100% is for deposit from 10USD up to 50$ and 50% bonus granted for 100$ and higher deposit.

Rules of granting and using Bonus-Micro account:

1. How to claim Bonus 100% or 50%:
1.1. Open Bonus-Micro account in the Bonuses menu.
1.2. Deposit Bonus-Micro account with the sum:
1.2.1. for Bonus 100%, deposit from 10$ to 50$.
1.2.2. for Bonus 50%, deposit 100$ and more
1.3. Maximum bonus amount
1.3.1. For Bonus 100% maximum bonus amount is 50$ if deposit 50$.
1.3.2. For Bonus 50% maximum bonus amount is 100$ if deposit 200$.
1.4. In one time there are only one bonus type available on the Bonus-Micro account: Bonus 100% or Bonus 50%. After depositing funds it is possible to select "Bonus 100 %" or "Bonus 50 %" without dependence from the previous bonuses if they were earlier on the account.

2. How to receive Bonus 100% or 50%
2.1. After depositing Bonus Micro account, please send request for bonus by support chat or e-mail with Bonus account number.
2.2. It is possible to change bonus type after deposit has been made, but there are must be no open orders on Bonus account.
2.3. Bonuses 100% and 50% are replicable, after new deposit has been made. Total deligated bonus can not be greater than the sum of deposited funds with substracted withdrawn profit.
2.4. Bonus is granted as trading credit within 1 working day after bonus request has been made. All orders must be closed to receive bonus.
2.5. Total deligated bonus can not be greater than the sum of deposited funds with substracted withdrawn profit.

3. Trading conditions on account Bonus-Micro
3.1. Maximum leverage: 1:200;
3.2. Maximum volume of opened transactions in lots must be no more than deposited sum to which a bonus was granted divided into 10, and no more then total can be opened 10.0 lots;
Example: you deposited 40USD to your Bonus-Micro account and received a 40USD 100% bonus. So you will be able to open a transaction/transactions with a total volume 40/10=4.0 micro lots.

4. Withdrawing from Bonus-Micro account
4.1. Withdrawal from Bonus-Micro account is available only if there are no open orders.
4.2. After requesting initial funds withdrawal from the Bonus-Micro account, bonus will be deduced proportionally to withdrawn amount with rounding to a big part of integer USD. Bonus might be delegated repeatedly upon the Company's decision after losing of initial deposit in trade.
4.3. Funds from the Bonus-Micro account might be withdrawn once in a week.
4.4. Bonus is not withdrawable.

5. Bonus cancellation
5.1. If balance on the Bonus-Micro account is lower then 50% of bonus amount, the bonus might be also lowered to the balance level with prior notification.
5.2. If trading balance on the Bonus-Micro account is lower than 5% of the delegated bonus, Bonus will be deleted.
5.3. Bonus will be cancelled if hedging of transactions using several bonus accounts or different users accounts is revealed or if any other bonus manipulations revealed.
5.4. The company has a right to deny granting a bonus or to cancel delegated bonus at any time without giving any reason for it and without notification.

6. The company reserve right to change rules of Bonus-Micro account any time without prior notification.