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Stop Out- what is it and how to avoid it

Stop Out level is level at which all trader's orders will be closed due to critically low Equity level to prevent further balance drown down. Stop Out will be executed at current market price of opened orders when Margin Level is lower then StopOut level.
To prevent StopOut on your trading account, please use StopLoss orders on all positions;
Control all your trading positions, try to avoid to many orders opening, this will cause your locked margin level grow and lower your free margin;
You can also try to raise your account leverage if it is not high enough, this will cause your locked margin lower;
Adding more funds to your account will help to;
Also it might be wise to close unprofitable positions to prevent grow of more losses on account;
Sometimes hedging of loss orders might work to, but it can be risky.

ForexCent company offer StopOut level 15% for micro account and 30% for real account.

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