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03/12/2013 18:01 (ip:12.229.68.*) IAmMe
  Forexcent is awesome. They provide everyday new retail traders like myself the opportunity to invest in forex with significant capital. Thanks forexcent, i will hold on to this account for many moons to come, continually transforming my pennies into dollars.

06/10/2013 22:02 (ip:180.148.209.*) nobin
  I received $5 free in my micro account. thanks to the forexcent for helping me to practice and to be well known with Metatrader4 platform.

03/10/2013 20:31 (ip:173.208.164.*) Anuroop VN
  Thank you Forexcent.

27/09/2013 17:08 (ip:115.164.82.*) andrew santo joseph
  thank you for welcome bonus $5, i am doing my best to earn profit form it...

20/09/2013 06:47 (ip:173.208.164.*) ulo Hayes
  thank you very much for this bonus promotion. ;)

03/09/2013 10:18 (ip:117.32.153.*) xinhua zhang
  I have gotten the 5$ bonus too, Thank you Forexcent very much.

28/07/2013 16:15 (ip:168.63.208.*) cikizan
  thnks i recieved free $5

21/07/2013 06:21 (ip:115.67.98.*) youttana
  Thank you.free 5 $

17/07/2013 04:28 (ip:180.254.55.*) Muhifa Ilwan Jannah
  Thanks to forexcent, I received $5 free. :)

16/07/2013 18:38 (ip:196.202.200.*) Sigei
  Hope to learn more here, great idea guys. Love being part of the start.

01/07/2013 00:41 (ip:77.69.7.*) christos melampianakis
  I have $5.00 in account I got free, and the trading is a lot of fun. thanks forexcent.

16/05/2013 21:33 (ip:117.18.231.*) Tanvir Ahmed
  Thank you very much forexcent. I got my $5.00 bonus and verified.

05/05/2013 06:17 (ip:223.255.224.*) juli ambar fitri
  good broker

28/04/2013 16:20 (ip:27.55.150.*) tanako
  thank u very much forexcent

02/04/2013 06:46 (ip:180.234.93.*) abul kalam
  I also get my 5$ bonus .... thank u very much forexcent

06/03/2013 18:12 (ip:203.223.95.*) krishna
  thank you very much. i get 5$ bonus.

23/01/2013 13:07 (ip:173.208.164.*) venka
  thank you for your 5$ bouns

16/01/2013 00:07 (ip:41.235.222.*) Ahmed mahmoud
  thank you very much for this useful bonus promotion

13/01/2013 16:12 (ip:114.79.55.*) d0ji
  good job..

12/01/2013 04:27 (ip:114.79.1.*) petir
  terima kasih.... cent... 1000%.. saya profit hari ini udah profit... 10 dolar... tapi lumayan sekali...buat belajar udah gitu... gak kena marrgin call.... cuma gak boleh... tranding jauh doang....tapi... dia kasih peringatan sangat baik... terima kasih banyak.... buat brokernya.... yang memberi peluang buat saya....

07/01/2013 16:46 (ip:114.79.1.*) harishm
  thank you veri much

05/01/2013 11:05 (ip:49.249.23.*) milan
  forexcent.com paid me bonus 5$....its simply great

05/12/2012 10:12 (ip:180.241.132.*) azril
  Iam can't order posisition

22/10/2012 12:49 (ip:141.0.9.*) amin
  thanks forexcent bonus $5

03/10/2012 18:34 (ip:82.193.99.*) arman
  Thank you very much for the bonus, currently I am trading and enjoying make some profit

01/10/2012 18:58 (ip:178.128.184.*) shahin alam
  thaks a lot.. for $5 bonus... really i enjoy the trading and star earning

28/08/2012 08:02 (ip:175.157.22.*) lasantha prabath thalagala
  thank you forexcent thank you for your 5$ bouns

06/08/2012 07:11 (ip:87.97.190.*) alex
  HI, Thanks very much for the 5$ bonus, have a great day

10/07/2012 03:33 (ip:180.254.82.*) moh sholekan
  thank you forexcent

22/06/2012 19:43 (ip:120.168.0.*) titik erpah
  forexcent is a good broker who provides the opportunity for traders to practice with real account bonus of forexcent

17/06/2012 05:37 (ip:118.96.157.*) moh sholekan
  sudah dapat 5 dolar terima kasih forex cent,,, gak sabar untuk profit

02/04/2012 09:55 (ip:93.137.200.*) Drazen
  Sucsessfully receive 5$ bonus, and after some time when i reach for payout after aprox. 2 days i receive 1$ on my LibertyReserve account... Now i will reinvest and try to catch some more $ :D Greetings from Croatia

24/03/2012 21:07 (ip:103.10.64.*) jeghulCENT
  Forexcent.COM is The Best, and No.1 Account Cent World.... Thanks Bonus $5, Sudah Saya Terima Maju Terus Pantang Mundur... Trader dr Indonesia mana review-nya?

05/03/2012 19:40 (ip:223.255.230.*) rexleon
  Thanks ForexCent. I get my $5 Bonus

01/03/2012 17:01 (ip:58.97.216.*) Parvez
  Thank you very much, because I got 5 dollar bonus!!

06/02/2012 13:14 (ip:173.208.164.*) novenboy
  Thanks for 5$ forex cent..

04/02/2012 16:15 (ip:117.201.47.*) T.CHANDRASEKARAN

23/01/2012 22:58 (ip:109.101.245.*) Irado88
  Thanks for for 5$ bouns !!!

15/01/2012 01:34 (ip:70.166.137.*) peter
  thanks for $5 bonus

14/01/2012 12:25 (ip:109.200.228.*) irina
  thanks for the 5$ bonus

26/11/2011 16:30 (ip:125.161.58.*) Ari
  Yes..!! They paid my profit fast from my welcome bonus account.. Forexcent really honest broker.. Keep it up Forex Cent..!! Dont forget to verifying your account guys..!! They will paid your withdrawl..

09/11/2011 07:15 (ip:203.82.66.*) shams
  thank for the $5 bonus

02/10/2011 14:45 (ip:101.99.55.*) Nguyen Trong Tien
  They Give Me A 5$ Bonus

07/09/2011 16:09 (ip:112.110.115.*) Jai Guru Saha
  First of all, it's a site of quality, honestly trading and encouraging new tradesr. Thank you a lot for everything. Wish to you' Long Live'!

06/09/2011 21:04 (ip:196.1.219.*) hassan2t
  thank you for your 5$ bouns

16/08/2011 08:16 (ip:110.159.107.*) Noordin
  Thanx i get 6.02 today

15/08/2011 18:52 (ip:180.149.12.*) noman
  great fx site

11/08/2011 19:30 (ip:111.92.72.*) Boban Pulinchery
  very thank full to forex cent. I register account on 15 th july and with the 5$ account I was able to make a profit of 104cent today. this boosts up my confidence and ability to trade.

24/07/2011 06:23 (ip:61.245.172.*) Ruwan
  Thanks for encouragement give us $ 5.00 bonus

17/07/2011 05:58 (ip:59.177.37.*) Prem
  Thanks for 5$ bouns

05/07/2011 23:04 (ip:77.245.6.*) Sulieman
  I'am from Jordan , today I joined with ForexCent , It's easy to work and trading with it. Thank You......

05/07/2011 18:07 (ip:91.99.167.*) meyti
  tanks for 5$ bonus very good

01/07/2011 10:14 (ip:180.148.63.*) Kaustubh
  Thank you Forexcent. You are the best broker Ever.......:D

12/06/2011 18:54 (ip:84.15.191.*) Vaidas
  Well, bonus was great, and education bigger. And here I can trade with smaller amounts of bucks, so I can use money management.

09/06/2011 17:16 (ip:114.59.249.*) rosidi
  ForexCent really forex broker which provide the best forex Education to give a bonus $ 5 to the newbie, thanks ForexCent

10/05/2011 14:45 (ip:110.49.235.*) chulalongkron
  Speedy Execution

19/03/2011 10:36 (ip:41.214.199.*) imad hazm
  Good execution platform and website design, I want to thank forexcent to give me oportunity to trade real money (5$) in real acct, and hope they introduce mobile trading service because it became essential, good luk for your business.

22/02/2011 14:53 (ip:68.173.253.*) Mr K.
  I have $5.00 in account I got free, and the trading is a lot of fun. thanks forexcent.

09/02/2011 07:51 (ip:41.203.64.*) AA
  Good, but i need mobile platform. all my trading i do on mobile

01/01/2011 15:59 (ip:91.144.1.*) ammaralaswad
  thank you for your 5$ bouns and Happy New Year

18/11/2010 20:43 (ip:67.162.60.*) Jeff
  I think ForexCent is Great! I opened an account and they instantly credited it with $5 real money to trade with. Once my strategy gets better I look forward to more deposits and increased leverage. Thanks ForexCent!

01/11/2010 01:36 (ip:94.112.24.*) Paul Wilczek
  Your new web site is simply great. I can not explain it better.. PWW

11/09/2010 10:19 (ip:59.93.216.*) Jyotiprakash
  I like the support and execution. Great concept for traders like me.who don't have a big capital for swim with Big fish @ forex Market..all i need Mobile Platform.Thanks Advanced Forexcent :)

08/09/2010 22:25 (ip:84.46.127.*) Unknown
  After lost all datas about my trading. Optimal support very fast nice and helpful, in 5min after good security check i get my infos back...good service,good tradexecution fast

03/09/2010 15:50 (ip:174.36.137.*) Speedy Execution
  I Was Open An Account With Forexcent.com Today, They Give Me A 5$ Bonus ... Thanks For This ... Their Platform Is So speedy, And I Didn't See Any Requetes Yet, I Hope They Will Be Best Same Now.

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